The  Union of Liberian Organisations in the UK (ULO-UK) We  are an umbrella organisation that share the views, dialogues, wishes , values , aspiration and cultural heritage  of our homeland in the diaspora. We are open to membership from individuals, businesses and charities that share the objectives and Core Values outlined in our constitution and … Read more ULO-UK AS AN UMBRELLA ORGANISATION

Inaugural Event 2019 Northampton- Officers Elected

One of our projects/ Providing aids On the 5th of May 2020, ULOUK launched an appeal to aid the most vunerable in Liberia. The momentum of that campaign was breathtaking, with various taskforces formed in the UK and in Liberia to execute the duty and responsibilities of the project, which went very well. The taskforce … Read more Inaugural Event 2019 Northampton- Officers Elected

A Palava Hut Meeting in Conventry, United Kingdom.

The logic behind hosting PALAVA HUT meetings in the UK, is simple, but its implementations require lots of efforts and commitments, and with the Covid 19 thwarting our efforts since the first event in Sheffield, November 23 2019, we can only hold our breath for it to continue without further set backs. The Coventry palava hut meeting was indeed a successful one, attended by like minded Liberians from every corner of the UK to convey a message to The Union of Liberian Organisations in the UK(ULOUK) and its leadership on issues captivating human welfare in the UK and Liberia. The leadership of the Union hereby echoing congratulations and many thanks to the Embassy of the Republic of Liberia accredited to the Court of St. James who sent three representatives for the gathering, the people of Conventry and all well-wishers who converged of the city of Conventry for such a unique gathering.

President Mo Sonnie and his team of cohort including the AGM Chair, Zinnah Darkinah, Vice President Klade Neufville, Secretary General Roland Kesselly Ballah among others were at the meeting.

The union of Liberian organisations in the UK,(ulouk) hosted the launching event of ULOUK Humanitarian wing(UHW) on the 5th of December, 2020 in the presence of some euphoria and celebrated members of our community.


On the 5th of December 2020, the Union of Liberian Organisattions in the UK (ULOUK) launched it’s Humanitarian Wing (UHW). The program was held virually on zoom  hosted by the Management Comittee of the organisation. We are indeed very happy to inform our members in the UK and elsewhere that the event launching was very successful, it was attended by guest speaker Dr. Harry Tenumu Conway Alternate Permanent Representative Liberian Permanent Mission the International Maritime Organisation, Ambassador  Gurly T. Bibson Schwarz, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, accredited to St James Court, Fitzroy Square-London, former Secretary General of ULOUK Dr. Fidel Budy now advisor to UHW, Mr Prince Taylor, Mr Victor Vital Andrews distinguished and promenant members of our Noble community, special guests from the McDaan Ltd,  Bhoke among others attended the ceremony. We as Management Committee members and the entire team were flodded with admiration, warm approval for the enormous hard work carried out since our endorsement as officers for the organisation.

 Official inducted into office are;

  • Rev Dr. Akoi Massanyan Bazzie- Chairperson
  • Careena Richardson-Vice Chairperson
  • Eleanor Moore- Financial Secretary( representing AGM)
  • Aaron Dixon- Community Outreach officer
  • Oretha Collins-Ex-Officio(representing the president on the committee)

On the other hand, the forum and the executive committee members listened to the views raised by participants on the tenure of the leadership of UHW which we as a committee believe, could address in due course.

Community Forum & Core Values

To engage with communities and the wider spectrum of society we have set out our core values which are: Respect, Ambition, Transparency, Partnership, Compassion, Accountability and Fairness.  The Union of Liberian Organisations in the UK(ULOUK) was established in 2004 in Northampton, UK, based on a constitution and core values that are outlined in these documents, … Read more Community Forum & Core Values

AGM 2019

ULOUK AGM 2019- In Northampton. The annual general meeting (AGM) of the Union was held on Saturday 30 March 2019 in Northhampton for the purpose of both the annual report and general election. The report was read, discussed, analysed and adopted many thanks to the outgoing leadership for a job well done. The second phase … Read more AGM 2019