A Palava Hut Meeting in Conventry, United Kingdom.

The logic behind hosting PALAVA HUT meetings in the UK, is simple, but its implementations require lots of efforts and commitments, and with the Covid 19 thwarting our efforts since the first event in Sheffield, November 23 2019, we can only hold our breath for it to continue without further set backs. The Coventry palava hut meeting was indeed a successful one, attended by like minded Liberians from every corner of the UK to convey a message to The Union of Liberian Organisations in the UK(ULOUK) and its leadership on issues captivating human welfare in the UK and Liberia. The leadership of the Union hereby echoing congratulations and many thanks to the Embassy of the Republic of Liberia accredited to the Court of St. James who sent three representatives for the gathering, the people of Conventry and all well-wishers who converged of the city of Conventry for such a unique gathering.

President Mo Sonnie and his team of cohort including the AGM Chair, Zinnah Darkinah, Vice President Klade Neufville, Secretary General Roland Kesselly Ballah among others were at the meeting.

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