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Please visit our fecebook page for updates, & events We are determined to provide information, insights and feedback as they happen. Visit ULOUK ‘s Facebook page, comment and like, make suggestions that will help the organisation to improve, join any committee that suits you. Great working together.


The  Union of Liberian Organisations in the UK (ULO-UK) We  are an umbrella organisation that share the views, dialogues, wishes , values , aspiration and cultural heritage  of our homeland in the diaspora. We are open to membership from individuals, businesses and charities that share the objectives and Core Values outlined in our constitution and … Read more ULO-UK AS AN UMBRELLA ORGANISATION

Community Forum & Core Values

To engage with communities and the wider spectrum of society we have set out our core values which are: Respect, Ambition, Transparency, Partnership, Compassion, Accountability and Fairness.  The Union of Liberian Organisations in the UK(ULOUK) was established in 2004 in Northampton, UK, based on a constitution and core values that are outlined in these documents, … Read more Community Forum & Core Values

AGM 2019

ULOUK AGM 2019- In Northampton. The annual general meeting (AGM) of the Union was held on Saturday 30 March 2019 in Northhampton for the purpose of both the annual report and general election. The report was read, discussed, analysed and adopted many thanks to the outgoing leadership for a job well done. The second phase … Read more AGM 2019