A New Initiative

Our Community

The Management Committee of the Union of Liberian organisations in the UK (ULOUK) is working closely with various partners including the 13 sub- member organisations, and sponsors to help prevent poverty for the population of Liberia. 

We do this by making people aware in community meetings in consultations with various sponsors to help formulate ideas that will help to deliver professional skills back home by investing part of our vacation times in Liberia visiting teaching, and expressing professional ideas to institutions,  businesses and government bodies that are engaged in delivering poverty relief to the population of Liberia.

Community Engagements:

The Union has established a community forum platform called the PALAVA  HUT meetings which is geared to engage with communities and the 13 sub-member organisations that make up ULOUK to engage in dialogues that are helpful in meeting the poverty prevention agenda.

Rewarding and worthwhile.

Volunteering to organise communities and to bring people together to discuss matters as it relates to development and helping others who are less privileged than us can be tiring and time consuming, but the knowledge and skills that are obtained from such a gathering can be rewarding and satisfying. 

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