AGM in Manchester April 2022.

The Management Committee is aware that we should have presented to our community a report from the Annual General Meeting(AGM) held in Manchester April 26, 2022 but are unable to do so at the moment. AGM 2019
We are at this moment in time appealing to all our members and the community as whole to remain patient because of a series of miscommunication and or understanding surrounding Liberia’s Independent Day and Bicentennial celebrations. A Palava Hut Meeting in Coventry, United Kingdom.

Please continue to read and obtain information from our social media platforms for updates and many more Ohhh😟

In fact since pronouncing the bid winner in February 2022, we have experienced palpable tensions, delays and setbacks that have permeated our flow of work there by creating a backlog on actives, reports and presentations that should have been delivered to our community under a transparent atmosphere.

Celebrate, Dance & Have Fun in Sheffield. But hurry as T- sales is now on

2022 Liberia’s Independent Day & Bicentennial celebrations will be held in the city of Sheffied.

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