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The union of Liberian organisations-ULOUK can be contacted :

  1. Using the Form below
  2. Our main email address: or
  3. By telephone: 07858907307

Our primary interest is helping individuals and groups to achieve their potentials.

ULOUK is willing to listen

The performance of any organisation is based on the strength of its membership, partners and  supporters who want to uphold the integrity and values of the organisation such as ULOUK, therefore, we anticipate feedback from our members, inputs and suggestions from different sources of our media platforms on how decisions are made that govern their organisation.  We will respond in acceptance with professional conduct and a willingness to listen and improve our services.

How can we make a difference

We as an organisation and people with same vision and goal want to achieve more by doing more, most importantly by working along side with our partners and fellow professionals to promote the organisation agenda and and its core value based on ambition. 

That means the desire we create to do something as a team must be based on our willingness to sacrifice, and to put our own self interest at a distance to serve the vulnerable and the needy in our society.