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One of our projects/ Providing aids

On the 5th of May 2020, ULOUK launched an appeal to aid the most vunerable in Liberia. The momentum of that campaign was breathtaking, with various taskforces formed in the UK and in Liberia to execute the duty and responsibilities of the project, which went very well.

The taskforce in the UK was headed by the AMB Foundation and the other in Liberia headed by our able “Iron Lady”‘ Mamawa ( Hijab Queen) and team members. We raised an enormous amount that we did not anticipate, the community response was phenomenal, the response from our partners and well wishers was great. We say thank you. In a very short period of time, it was possible to generate funds that was able to purchase 90 bags of rice, 18 boxes of oil, 4 bags of onions, and 4 bags of salt to provide these basics for the most needy and vulnerable members of Liberian society.

Taskforce Liberia was even able to do targeted distributions at LPRC where we have the United Blind Association, The Association of the Deaf Jacob Town, Mission of Hope for the Disable Jacob Town Rehab and the Christian Association of the Blind RIA Road in a single day, all with full media coverage from KMTV Liberia live, True FM, and Strong FM was was unimaginably difficult to forecast. However, we made it, we as a community ‘did not go to sleep’ as quoted by a prominent member in a telephone conversation, when we were most needed, we provided in the nick of time. Congratulations to everyone. More information to follow soon.

ULOUK Humanitarian Wing (UHW)

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