The  Union of Liberian Organisations in the UK (ULO-UK)

We  are an umbrella organisation that share the views, dialogues, wishes , values , aspiration and cultural heritage  of our homeland in the diaspora.

We are open to membership from individuals, businesses and charities that share the objectives and Core Values outlined in our constitution and inaugural solemn promise 21 September 2019.

We aim to reach out to all Liberians and friends of Liberia to get involved in the work that ULOUK does .  Our organisation is huge and operates beyond the borders of the UK providing partnerships, entertainment,  solving issues,  sympathising and  providing relief to those in need, here in the UK and back home in Liberia.

We work with the Liberian embassy accredited to St James Court in London helping to solve issues for many people.

Please request for a form and we will be happy to share with you any necessary information that you may need to facilitate your new journey with one of the fastest growing Liberian organisations in the diaspora.

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